Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Act 3; Scene 15: Ghoulish Pears

Our Halloween treat of the week:

Caramel Pears, coated in white chocolate and decorated to look like ghosts.

Here's how they turned out:

my regular ghost

Robert's oozing ghost
Robert's freaked out ghost

My crazy monster Hitler ghost...
Fun, and quite delicious! 
So fun and delicious, that we had to invite some friends over to enjoy them!

Robert and Lauren went the clean way and cut theirs in pieces with a knife

Dustin and I went the conventional, messy way--the only way :-)

 This poor little ghost is lamenting his fate!

Yum, yum! Happy haunting!

Halloween costume hint of the day:

We are going not as animal or mineral, but as ________. 

And happy guessing!

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  1. Mr and mrs potato head!!! This has been driving me crazy :) you have no idea how many options I've run by Steven, Haha.